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We represent insurers, the public sector, self-insured bodies and companies all of whom can regrettably be targeted by fraudsters. Fraudulent claims continue to be pursued and clients remain vigilant as to the risk of such claims.

Fraud rings to opportunists

We have experience of frustrating complex fraud rings through to opportunistic fraud in the context of employers' liability / public liabilty claims. We support our clients in the detection, investigation and management of fraudulent claims and understand the importance of publicity as a deterrent against future claims.

Fighting fraud

We have been at the forefront of anti-fraud initiatives on behalf of clients for well over a decade. We were one of the first firms in the UK to secure a conviction for contempt of court in the context of a fraudulent insurance claim against a public sector client. We have in recent times secured a number of findings of fundamental dishonesty including in an employers’ liability claim where the claimant sought damages in excess of £1 million.

Our experience extends across the following areas:


  • Claims management regulation

  • Credit hire fraud

  • Exaggerated claims

  • Fraud rings

  • Fundamental dishonesty claims

  • Low velocity / no impact claims

  • Phantom passenger claims

  • Staged accidents

  • Trading standards investigations

  • Trip / slip claims

Key Contact



Peter is an expert in claims that involve fundamental dishonesty

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